A person's hand holding a pen next to book across from another person's folded handsYou never want to face felony charges. When this happens, you’ll probably find yourself looking for an expert criminal defense attorney. However, you should always look for an attorney that you can trust completely. This is someone who will walk you through the criminal trial process. Additionally, they should set realistic expectations so that you can prepare accordingly. This is all on top of providing a thorough defense. So if you need top-notch representation, contact the Mitchell Law Firm, PLLC today. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney that maintains reasonable fees. You shouldn’t wait too long to hire a criminal defense attorney. You’ll want to give them plenty of time to prepare a solid defense. Therefore, you should get in touch with me today. I am located in Orange, TX, and I serve local areas, which include:

  • Jefferson County, TX

  • Chambers County, TX

  • Orange County, TX

  • Newton County, TX

  • Jasper County, TX

Criminal courts can give harsh sentences. This is especially true for felony charges. Because of that fact, you’ll probably want a qualified criminal defense attorney. As your attorney, my goal is to help you plan a defense that keeps you out of jail. Additionally, I seek to help you make effective decisions for your situation. You should hire an attorney immediately. Consider the Mitchell Law Firm, PLLC if you’re located in Hardin County, TX. Contact me to learn if my services are best for you. I aim to keep affordable criminal defense attorney fees.

Felony Charges

Being charged with a felony like a DUI or DWI can feel devastating. This is because felony charges can yield harsh penalties. However, one mistake shouldn’t define the rest of our lives. This is why you will need a criminal defense attorney. As your attorney, my priority is to help you work your way out of a bad situation. You should call the Mitchell Law Firm if you’re interested in personalized criminal law services. I take the time to fully understand your situation. From there, I try to help you get to know your options. Don’t panic when you’re suddenly faced with a criminal accusation such as a drug possession charge. Instead, turn to the qualified services of the Mitchell Law Firm, PLLC. I provide criminal defense consultations.

Attorney Fees

Criminal defense attorney fees should not be your first concern when facing a tough case. But, they are necessary for fighting the allegations. Because of this, you should expect expert service from your criminal defense attorney. They should begin planning a strategy for your defense as soon as they’re hired. You can look to the Mitchell Law Firm, PLLC when you want a hardworking defense. I will work tirelessly to create a strategy specific to your situation. I will always inform you of all of your options when facing felony charges. This is what makes me a top criminal defense attorney around Hardin County, TX (principal office in Orange, TX). Reach out today for a consultation.

Criminal Defense Representation

One mistake should not dictate our lives. However, this can often be the case when you need a criminal defense attorney. This is someone you’re expecting to keep you out of jail. Because of this, you should be able to trust them completely. This is the type of service you’ll receive from me at the Mitchell Law Firm, PLLC. I was born and raised in Orange County, TX, and I've returned to my hometown in order to help local residents receive dedicated legal services. You can expect high-class client service when you hire me as your criminal defense attorney. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait. Call me today to get started on your defense.